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Keynote At European Commission

Axel Schultze was invited to give a keynote regarding the state of Social Media at the DAA12 in Brussels, in June 2012. What started with a proposal to the EU took a life of its own. Digital Sunrise is the result and probably the largest independent Social Media project in Europe.

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The new competition

US Shoe Company DC Shoes has over 8 Million fans and sells their shows all over the world. Fascino Group Guangzhou China is currently only on RenRen, China's largest social network. The Italian Falc has almost no social presence. All three are mid size shoe businesses. Equal competition?

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EU countries supported by Digital Sunrise
Getting started

The most compelling independent economy stimulation initiative in Europe.

World Innovations Forum

Digital Sunrise Europe plans to support and collaborate with the World Innovations Forum.

Three reasons to engage!

Expansion Strategy
1 The DSEU teams help you launch your business in any of the EU countries. We help you decide which countries are most advantages for your current situation and create a low cost alternative expansion strategy. We provide guidance on every step of your way.

Startup Empowerment
2 Startups are the innovation fuel of a healthy economy. We provide special programs to help startups grow and benefit from a large 500 Million strong European economy.

Digital Enablement
3 As a matter of fact businesses of all sizes experience the global competition. Digitally enabled business teams have a significant competitive advantage. The Digital Sunrise Europe team exists to help you create that competitive advantage for your own business.