Digital Sunrise Europe is an independent Pan European initiative, comprised of volunteers helping startups and SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) of the 50 independent European countries,  leveraging digital technologies to grow their business across Europe and the World.

The DSEU group is providing free education, information events, guidelines, research  and special startup support programs for early stage companies to benefit from the ‘single market’ Europe and all countries in geographic Europe.

While the Digital Sunrise team is made up entirely of volunteers, many of the volunteers are also marketing or technology professionals, who invest by volunteering and being able to capture some of the business opportunities arising from our activities. Digital Sunrise Europe is a consortium of independent European businesses leaders.

The group is headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland.




DSEU History:

What started as a proposal and keynote to the Digital Agenda Assembly of the EU Commission has taken a life of its own. Digital Sunrise Europe has become the largest independent growth program for EU midsize businesses. After conducting an assessment with over 1,000 pages of research, the Team constituted the Digital Sunrise Europe initiative. The group originally joined by close to 300 executives, business owners, business sponsors and social media savvy business consultants motivated by the idea to make some significant contributions to a sustainable and economically more stable Europe.

The initial intention was to help mid market businesses across Europe to expand their sales region from their current local business to all of ‘Europe’. It was the groups intention to show business leaders to build business relationships across Europe by leveraging digital and social media technologies, expand their sales and create new jobs by doing so.

Realizing that the language barrier is a larger and more significant obstacle to pan European business than physical borders and import / export regulations,  the group decided to focus entirely on young and agile companies, mainly startups, to help ignite pan European business activities.


Founding Members:

Founding Members

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