Three Tier Engagement Model

While we keep you updated with progress of the project, we also share the techniques and methods we are using to actually be able to manage such a project.

In order to manage this kind of  ‘mega projects’  we created a three tier engagement model that should help all of us engage, be able to work with extreme team sizes and still professionally and timely execute.

1) Strategy Group

A highly engaged and focused team for assessment and strategy development. The team are mostly certified social media strategists or highly experienced social media consultants. The current group is 34 people and we will selectively add more in the future. This group won’t be much more than 100. To join this group, please help us understand your skill set and share it with us in 10 answers :)

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Online Engagement Digital Agenda Assembly 2012

(11/05/2012) #DA12 More than 450 members are now discussing on the online discussion platform which Neelie Kroes launched on 19 April. Outcomes of this debate, and the feedback which we pick up from other platforms, will contribute to the next meeting of the Digital Agenda Assembly (Brussels, 21-22 June, plenary programme recently update online) and to the review of the Digital Agenda for Europe (to be adopted later in the year). Continue reading “Online Engagement Digital Agenda Assembly 2012”

The Digital Agenda EU Project

This project is to help the EU Commission and the EU in general to help business leaders within the EU to understand, adopt and leverage Social Media with the intention to more successfully grow their respective businesses.

Enabling 25,000 medium size businesses and innovative start-ups across Europe to leverage social media to create a sustainable growth, additional jobs and an becoming a poster child for other businesses in Social Media adoption by the end of 2016 – We will further fine tune this objective on our workshop at the EU meeting in Brussels. Continue reading “The Digital Agenda EU Project”

First Update

The EU is committed to invest Billions of Euro specifically into the digital advancement of EU Member countries and their respective businesses. The EU Commission fully comprehended that the digital infrastructure is the next most important investment of a developed nation. Clean water supplies, transportation infrastructure (Water, roads, air traffic), radio communication, and now Internet and Social Media infrastructure is the pathway to a successful and globally competitive nation. Continue reading “First Update”