Privacy Problem Social Media

Privacy is a big challenge when it comes to Social Media. The privacy policies seem to be difficult and actually not helping a lot to protect the privacy of the individual participants in those networks. In particular those who just now get on the band wagon of social networking often times hear about privacy issues of Facebook or Google and other platforms.


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Joining the team

Digital Sunrise Europe is the largest independent European Social Media project driving the economy. Join us and make democracy a reality, leverage your network and influence and take a responsibility in building the new Europe. Besides the project goal of helping businesses grow and create 2 Million jobs – our overarching interest is to make Europe a better place to work and live.

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Join as a consultant

Helping thousands of businesses to become more social and more successful in their respective markets, we need hundreds of social media savvy consultants who can help business leaders to go from start to finish in a methodical and professional manner. Please help us get to know your skills and take this 10 question qualification survey.

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Three Tier Engagement Model

While we keep you updated with progress of the project, we also share the techniques and methods we are using to actually be able to manage such a project.

In order to manage this kind of  ‘mega projects’  we created a three tier engagement model that should help all of us engage, be able to work with extreme team sizes and still professionally and timely execute.

1) Strategy Group

A highly engaged and focused team for assessment and strategy development. The team are mostly certified social media strategists or highly experienced social media consultants. The current group is 34 people and we will selectively add more in the future. This group won’t be much more than 100. To join this group, please help us understand your skill set and share it with us in 10 answers :)

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