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Participating in Digital Sunrise Conference Success

As a Digital Sunrise Europe member and contributor to the most compelling independent economy growth project in Europe you may want to benefit from the success of our first conference earn some commission if you refer business customers or friends.

You will need to have a PayPal and an Eventbrite account. Eventbrite will create a unique link for each program for you. You will find the list below.

Referral Link Request

Please request a Unique Referral Link by going to the Eventbrite referral page and copy the link from the dashboard


Some Artwork (find more artwork)

Event BadgePlease use this event badge


Here is a email signature image
Please use your unique referral key here as well


In case you need a botton:

Some tips to promote the event

1) Your blog and website

Having the Digital Sunrise Conference on your blog or website is probably the first step.
Feel free to take content from the website and just add it to your.
On all the links you provide, you may use your referral key.

2) Your current contacts

Sharing the event with everybody in your current contact base who may have an interest in growing their business is probably a good idea. You also may like to add the conference badge to your email signature and link it with your unique referral URL

3) Social media awareness program

If you are doing an outreach initiative in the social web and share it with relevant contacts in your network would be great too. But please do not spam. As you know, Berrie Pelser is managing the awareness program and is our buzz master. It would be great if you can let him know what you plan to do – he may have some great ideas to help you too.

4) MOST IMPORTANT: Personal contacts

The single most important engagement is to personally contact executives and business owners you know. It may take a few calls to share the idea and vision. You may also make introductions to Axel Schultze who is more than happy to speak personally with executives who may be interested to join. And we will still honor your referral of course ;)


Your Sales Control Panel

Please take your unique Referral Link from this dashboard and use it for invitations.
You have real time overview of all the referral sales you are making.

Partner Sales Console

If you have any questions please call us:

US: +1 (650) 384-0057

EU: +49 (30) 2023.8748

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