Creating an alternative growth strategy

The Digital Sunrise Europe team volunteers helping European small/medium businesses grow. We put together a webinar introducing the concept and sharing with the audience how they can develop their own alternatives to traditional growth strategies.

Instead of investing 200,000+  Euro to hire a person, rent an office, do some advertising campaigns and hope to grow your foreign business, we show you alternatives at 10% of the cost, what you can do and how it can get done.

Thursday November 22

16:00    Introduction, who we are and why we do that
16:15    Alternative growth strategy model
– Growth opportunity beyond your current market
– How you can expand into another EU country at low risk
– Why is that possible and what are the implications

16:30    How can you and your team do that yourself
– A step by step plan to do this yourself
– Leveraging existing networks and groups
– Building your own brand presence
– How you get help from others
– When to shift gear to professional services

16:45    Additional Resources
– Professional services around Europe
– Free information resources
– Payed services

17:00    Questions and answers

17:15    End

We believe 16:00 is a good time where most of your customer engagement is done and you can focus on a few more strategic and inspiring thoughts.

Audience: Business Owners, Executives, Top Management

We look forward to see you online.

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