How the alternative growth model works

Small and medium size businesses with more than 25 Employees have an enormous opportunity to expand across Europe. There are probably more high quality product producers in Europe than anywhere else in the world. We aim to help be known in a world that is more and more entering their markets and competing with them.

Business expansion was risky and very expensive.

Business owners who left “the old world” as Europe is often times called know and learned how to compete on a global scale. I am one of them. While that experience is certainly helpful it is actually not what it takes to make a big move. Modern technology, a hyper connected business world, experience with globalization and modern marketing techniques – all together – allow to make a significant change, drastically reduce expansion cost and decrease the potential failure rate.

The only requirements today:

Ability to communicate in English and having an open mind for new techniques.

Here is how we do it:

The Digital Sunrise team is spread over all major business areas in Europe. We are already covering 11 countries including the large economy drivers including UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Sweden and also Austria, Romania, Romania, and Malta. That means we can help any business in Europe to start creating business relationships and do business with these countries.

If a business comes to us and wants to work with us we jointly go through the following process:

1) We work with the business owner and see where they want to expand to first

2) We work with out team in the target country and conduct a short research to find any opportunities or threads.

3) We develop an expansion strategy leveraging social meda, work with local authorities, chamber of commerce and others

4) We build a local social presence for the business in the home land and in the target country

5) We mobilize existing customers to speak up for the company

6) We launch an initative in the target country and introduce the business

7) We help the business to do some initial deals in the target country

8) We help plan the future activities to grow revenue and put some people on the ground

9) We explore some funding opportunities including even crowdfunding

10) We help watch and support the plan execution for the first 6 month – we will be there at every step of the way.

The Digital Sunrise Team does as much as they can for free. Obviously within limits. Since we shoulder the whole project ourselves, services that require us to spend quality time to help develop plans in great details may need to be charged. The opportunity however is greater than the expense as we know how to expand at a very low budget with an ROI within the first year. Small businesses have no financial backing for larger investments and we know that very well.

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