Join as public service

As a public service organization such as a local government agency, a chamber of commerce, an industry union, or an independent business network you may be interested in what we are doing since it will most likely also help your objectives and initiatives.

We want to help Startups and Small Medium Enterprises all over the EU to grow and create new jobs as a result of that growth.

DSEU Public Sector Partner

We are an independent Pan European team of business owners, managers, and marketers with one vision:
Making Europe a better place to work and life – because we can.

Here is how you may benefit from DSEU

  • We can see us as an additional resource helping your business society grow and thrive
  • We could create joint events helping your community better understand how to compete in a globalized business world
  • You can get some of the top online marketing experts to speak on some of your events
  • We may experience a direct positive economic impact on your local economy
  • We could help you get closer to your population and businesses
  • We may help also your own organization leverage online engagement

Please give us a call +49 (30) 2023.8748


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