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DSEU Social Media Strategists

We are looking for up to 200 business partners in the next 7 years to reach and support the target audience across Europe. 

What is the job?

A DSEU Partner is a person or organization identifying and supporting startups or SME companies in the respective region. Part of the responsibility is to provide some of the free help we offer but also provide paid services once a company is ready to expand their own business across Europe.

You will volunteer to provide free services including:

  • Organizing viral and buzz marketing education webinars
  • Provide presentation material, white papers, case studies
  • First line support for initial questions

You will also be providing the following paid services:

  • Develop a success oriented pan European go to market strategy
  • Develop an online presence for your clients
  • Buzz management services if needed
  • Buzz program implementation

What are the requirements?

We want to service and support the businesses in a most economic and fastest possible way with tangible business results and measurable success within 6 month after start. As such we expect from our partners:

  • Business experience on the sales, marketing, product management and support side
  • Experience with online engagement such as social media, e-commerce…
  • You are speaking fluently English

Countries where we are looking for experts

The number of consultants in the list shows how many people/organizations we will need in each country for adequate coverage.

The list shows the 27 Member Countries as of July 2012, the population of each country and the respective GDP (Gross Domestic Income). It also shows the number of strategy consultants we will need.


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If you have any questions, please give us a call +49 (30) 2023-8748 or via email to

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