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Join our Pan European team of business owners, managers and marketers with one vision:
Making Europe a better place to work and life – because we can.

DSEU Project Contributor

Here is what we are looking for

We are looking for volunteers who help spread the word, or donate a few hours a month for all kinds of support activities. Here are some key areas where we appreciate any help:

  • Ongoing market research for each of the 27 EU member countries
  • Awareness creation for our work across all Europe
  • Identifying businesses who may be eligible for our programs
  • Recruiting additional supporter who can help deliver the services
  • Identifying local sponsors who support our initiative and want to benefit from our engagement
  • Helping create educational material, case studies and more
  • Help on the service delivery side by buzzing about the companies we support


We are all very busy people and do not expect any particular time commitment. All we expect is that if you agreed to support any of the projects – you fulfill your own commitment.

Join us!

If you have any questions, please give us a call +49 (30) 2023-8748 or via email to

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