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The following list shows the 10 core programs we are working on and the respective team leads. If you are interested to join a program, please contact the respective team lead directly.

1) Awareness program

Berrie Pelser / Olaf Kracht

Building an awareness program team that has large networks and pan European impact as well as access to traditional media
Bring new content from the various countries, programs and events and amplify the awareness across the social web

Facebook group:

Contact the group leader Berrie Pelser / Olaf Kracht



2) Social Media Monitoring Program

Marita Roebkes

Creating a small team organizing social media monitoring across EU
Ensuring social media monitoring skills in each country
Collaborating with a team in each country who is performing the country level monitoring
Define a unified set of monitoring tools
No.1 KPI: Track number of businesses who signed up and their engagement across Europe

Facebook group:

Contact the group leader: Marita Roebkes


3) Team & country recruitment program

Jorgen Poulsen

This program shall help each country to recruit team mates and social media strategists for all kinds of activities.
It shall also help introduce the program to other EU countries and find leader who want to build a team.
Create a page on the DSEU website talking about the project, benefits, activities, necessary skills etc.

Facebook group:

Contact the group leader: Jorgen Poulsen


4) Sponsor recruiting program (Sep 15)

Axel Schultze

This program shall identify and signup industry sponsors for the project
Develop a highest quality document, providing potential sponsors with all the necessary benefits and details for a sponsorship
Identify large industry sponsors and add them to a central database
Have a template to be able to register the DSEU sponsor opportunity at the various sponsor registration sites from key enterprises

Facebook group:

Contact the group leader Axel Schultze


5) Event Management program


This program is in development. We are looking for somebody who would like to lead event management activities.

Contact: Axel Schultze


6) Public sector recruiting program (Sep 15)

Cees Grootes

This program shall help recruiting public sector organizations in each country
Develop a document (PDF) where we can share our project intention and how a public organization can help as well as how the public organization can benefit by engaging in this social media initiative
Develop some local programs, events that should be supported
Create a list of all relevant public sector organizations
Getting in touch with chamber of commerce, unions, local EU commission representatives, department of economy…
Provide a presentation with a program proposal as well as sponsor opportunities or funding requests

Facebook group:

Contact the group leader: Cees Grootes


7) Business engagement program (Sep 15)

Florian Gottschall, Michele Cimmino

This program shall identify and engage with businesses to participate in the program
Have a rock solid proposal for SMEs to quickly recognize a business opportunity
Have a presentation the team can give to any business any time
Create a list of several thousand potential businesses in each country
Identify who of those businesses is already somehow engaged in the social web
Provide an engagement process that leads to a signup and engagement by a company that may benefit from our program

Facebook group:

Contact the group leader: Florian Gottschall, Michele Cimmino


8) Guidance & Documentation program

Detlev Artelt

This program shall provide some additional guidance for applying Social Media.
Help understand privacy and security aspects of social media
Help business leaders to deal with the various numbers and scores in the social web and how to use them to benchmark their own organization
Provide case studies from real cases or experience how businesses can leverage social media for their growth and success

Facebook group:

Contact the group leader: Detlev Artelt


9) Service delivery program & Starter Pack (Sep 15)

Axel Schultze

This program describes what services at what cost will be offered and how we can efficiently deliver
We will provide easy to understand starter packs to help businesses start in the social web
The services are more or less identical all over Europe. Only language or law related adjustments will be made. (focus is on export and therefore need to work across Europe)

Facebook group:

Contact the group leader: Axel Schultze


10) Business reward platform & program (Dec 15)

Attila Herczeck

This program is about building a public platform where all participating business compete for the best customer experience
There will be rating of various social aspects and all rating will be public in real time.
The top 500 businesses will be listed at the “Agile 500” with superior engagement.
The top 3 in each industry and the top 3 in each country will receive an award at the “Social Media Academy Award” in Cannes France Dec 2013.

Facebook group:

Contact the group leader: Attila Herczeck


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