Startup Program

Creating massive awareness for your Startup with an ongoing Buzz

The DSEU Startup Buzz program can help you

  • Spread the word about your company and innovative products and services
  • Easily let others talk about you with a click of a button
  • Move from expensive advertising to an even more powerful yet less expensive BUZZ
  • Leverage the voice of customers, friends and advocates
  • Get three times the Click Throughs than conventional advertising

Buzz is the new advertising

Special Startup Program

  • Special pricing starting at Euro 795 per year for early stage startups, unlimited all you can buzz
  • Extra Buzz Award category at the annual Buzz award
  • A lot of additional support and services dedicated to startups – see below

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  • Company is less than five years incorporated
  • Less than 5 Million in revenue
  • Having a product or service ready to use


  • Program expires automatically after fifth year in business
  • Price based on company age
    • First year in business:  € 795 / year  (unlimited mentions / unlimited CTR)
    • Second year in business  € 1,295 / year  (unlimited mentions / unlimited CTR)
    • Third year in business  € 1,995 / year  (unlimited mentions / unlimited CTR)
    • Forth year in business  € 2,995 / year  (unlimited mentions / unlimited CTR)
    • Fifth year in business  € 4,595 / year  (unlimited mentions / unlimited CTR)
  • Availability based on approval
  • Special upgrade program / soft migration
    •  € 10,000 /year 500,000 mentions max (for the one year after the startup program ended)

More Startup support

Our founder, Axel Schultze is a serial entrepreneur and grew several very successful startups on both sides of the Atlantic. He decided to dedicate more support to startups and here is what we plan in 2014:

Startup Buzz Group

A work group on Facebook for startups to share their thoughts and success stories concerning go to market and creating awareness for their company. Obviously there is no cost involved.

Startup Academy

A set of free classes sharing success models, what investors look for and what really counts down the road.

Buzz Award

We are incorporating startup buzz campaigns in the new, annual Buzz Award, recognizing the best startup Buzz

Angel Investment

We may even help with investments in startups with the biggest Buzz :)

Why do we do this?

Startups are the backbone of a thriving economy. We decided to do everything possible to help startups get their innovation to market. While there is a lot support available to develop new products or services, the key to an economic success is still a sound go to market model – and Buzz is the most powerful of all.  Therefor we help startups to spread the word, get known, find new clients and grow their business.


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