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When we made a pan European business research as part of the Digital Agenda Assembly preparation (European Commission) we discovered several opportunities how SMEs (Small / Medium Enterprises) can leverage Social Media to economically grow their business. One of them clearly stood out as one of the biggest opportunities with a rather short term success possibility: Taking your existing products and services and introduce them into other European countries.


The most obvious obstacles in not doing this already in the past or not with much greater thrust is the lack of marketing funds to finance the introduction of your brand and products in other countries and the lack of decent connections to do this with minimal investment and friction.


Using Social Media to overcome those obstacles is not too well known in Europe as an alternative expansion strategy. Too many businesses see Social Media immature, don’t know where to start or simply don’t accept the technology at all – despite the fact that approximately 1.3 Billion people are using it today. Furthermore Business leaders in Europe still fear the negative feedback from the market, regulatory issues and many other uncertainties. Yet businesses in the US and Asia are much further in their Social Media evolution and not only demonstrate some prove of concept but also pose a threat to European companies due to the fact that those who use Social Media are more agile in their action, better connected and have less marketing expenditure for the reach they create.

Alternative Growth Strategy

The Digital Sunrise Europe team developed an alternative growth strategy helping SMEs leverage Social Media to expand across Europe in a much easier and more economical way. Most European businesses create unique and high quality products. Creative and inspired by the diverse culture in Europe those products are usually attractive all over Europa but not necessarily known, let alone available. Whether it is a gearbox manufacturer in Italy, a machinery company in France, a diary product supplier from Sweden, a small high quality Hotel in the UK, a marketing service provider in Romania, a software development company from Hungary or a porcelain manufacturer from Germany most of those businesses remain unknown in the pan European context. In today’s age there is no reason why any of those small to medium businesses shouldn’t participate and benefit from the borderless European market – if only the company could overcome the above mentioned obstacles.

Our alternative growth strategy Model in a nutshell:

Leveraging Social Media to weave connections across Europe, build a presence in other countries at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing and deliver products and services throughout the single digital market Europe.


How we can help

We developed many scenarios, have lots of experience in the SME realm and most importantly have a network of people across Europe. We believe we have at least the best basis for you to give it a try. Here is how we can help you:

  1. We offer free info events
  2. We offer free information to get inspired thinking about your own opportunities
  3. We offer a free consulting conversation with one of our best strategists
  4. We offer free templates to create your own social business strategy
  5. We offer discounts for education programs
  6. We offer a special starter kit that includes everything to get started and get 6 month support
  7. You may get access to some of the DSEU services that will be exclusively available to DSEU Business Members
  8. We offer you discounts from all kinds of partner organizations to get advantages offers
  9. We qualify all partners to ensure that you get a good services for adequate cost
  10. We qualify Social Media software provider by scanning their privacy policy and general market feedback
  11. Our pan European team is able to get you wired into most of the EU countries within the next 6 months.
  12. You will get access to the pan European business community of SME leaders

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