The Project


Project Origin

What started as a proposal and keynote to the Digital Agenda Assembly of the EU Commission has taken a life of its own. Digital Sunrise Europe has become the largest independent growth program for EU midsize businesses. After conducting an assessment with over 1,000 pages of research, the Team constituted the Digital Sunrise Europe initiative.

Strategic Goal

Helping small and medium-sized enterprises generate incremental revenue by expanding their businesses across the EU, at a fraction of traditional cost leveraging Social Media as an alternative growth strategy and creating 2 Million jobs by 2016


Why focus on Export?

After we researched hundreds of businesses in several European countries, we recognized that most companies have a rather good handle on their local markets but have a hard time to sell all over Europe. Marketing cost are prohibitive to start foreign campaigns and connections are not strong enough to build a robust presence. Social Media on the other hand offers a huge opportunity to network and build those relationships and a brand presence at minimal cost. Most European companies are building excellent products but many are just not known outside their territory. The European Union is a single market today, no more borders, no more barriers other than the different languages. Most EU member countries have the same or similar business rules and laws and are easy to sell into. Growth through export inside the EU is the “low hanging fruit” to develop a sustainable growth strategy and experience Social Media as a key technology to do so. Of all the many ways to leverage social media for product management, support, sales, HR, marketing, we see leveraging social media to significantly expand markets as the fastest and economically most relevant way.


What is YOUR benefit?

Revenue acceleration by expanding your market across Europe as a single digital market with 500 Million people. Instead of expensive marketing campaigns in up to 27 very different EU member countries, we help you leverage Social Media with its rather unified modern culture of over 200 Million Europeans. We’d like to inspire you with ideas how you can do this and strategic advice to develop a growth program that can bring you a significant increase in revenue over the next few years. More so it prepares you to be able to compete in the social web as other nations will try to enter your market that way. The least benefit is to better understand Social Media to make an educated management decision.


What is YOUR advantage?

Digital Sunrise Europe is a collaboration of pan European businesses. Having team members all over Europe, we can help you not only creating a social media strategy to grow your export but also making connections to local chambers of commerce and businesses in the respective countries


What is our motivation?

We believe it is our all responsibility to contribute to a sustainable economic development in Europe and making the vision of a single market a reality. It is furthermore our motivation to benefit from our voluntary work by gaining experience and reputation that will also help our own respective businesses to thrive.


Is this free?

We provide as much as possible free information and strategic models to leverage Social Media for your business growth in Europe. We conduct local webinars to inspire you leveraging Social Media to grow your business at no cost. Many of the initiatives are sponsored by industry sponsors or sponsors from DSEU member companies. The partner companies provide products and services to help proactively engage in social media and provide guidance if necessary to do so. Those services or products may not be free.


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