Expansion Starter Kit

Get up and running in 4 weeks and supported for 6 month

We have done many projects helping management teams expanding their business. With that experience, we created an essential starter kit that includes everything to expand your current business into another European country. Our team will guide you on every step of the way and provide some support for the first six month.

DSEU Starter Kit

Everything you need and everything that needs to be done

  • Market Research & Assessment*
    • We search for your customers and prospects and analyse their public engagement level, identify places and networks as well as influencer and key blogger. We do that for your home market and one target country in Europe.
    • We assess your own social presence, your approachability and the customer experience
  • Strategy development
    • We provide you with templates and guidelines
    • We help you formulate your own expansion strategy based on templates, methods and the above assessment
    • Together with you, we formulate key programs and initiatives
    • We help you define resources, milestones and KPIs
    • We define reporting tools
    • We jointly define clearly measurable objectives
  • Program development
    • We provide you with templates and guidelines for social media programs
    • We help you design programs with measurable results
  • Team training
    • We provide you with online training lessons for your team
    • All lessons have exercises for practical hands on exercises
    • All lessons are online in a self paced elearning system
  • Professional presence development
    • We help you setup a professional and purpose driven social presence, locally and internationally
    • We help you setup or overhaul your presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest
    • We work with you identifying the most relevant networks and sites
    • We’ll set everything up for you, so you don’t have to
    • You will get a professional Presence Management tool so everybody knows where your presence is
  • Professional social media based market monitoring tool
    • We provide you with social media monitoring tools and set them up for you
    • You will get some guidelines how to use them
    • Market monitoring is also part of the online training lessons
  • Introductory Buzz campaign
    • Introducing your presence to your respective business networks in your own country and a country of your choice

The starter kit includes all the necessary consulting services, training and all mentioned products as well as 6 month support. The kit is available in different sizes and cost to best match the needs and requirements of your business.

* = Not included in the Starter Kit for Startups



What’s the value – What’s the ROI?

We will help you grow into one additional European country. Your most likely local growth is just a very positive side effect.

ROI Calculation

Let’s assume you are running a small manufacturing company with 75 employees, selling some machinery equipment and generate 5 Million Euro per year revenue and no profit today.  You may feel there is no room for such an investment. We help you expand into one other European market and generate 5% of your revenue, Euro 250,000 after one year. At that stage you have no additional employee, just the added material cost for the products you produce and the Euro 24,000 investment in your alternative growth strategy. That’s your ROI.


Added Value

The added value has multiple facets: First you learned to deal with social media in general and leverage it for a growth strategy in particular. In the following years you will learn to expand further, grow further and hire people in the local offices where you expanded to – or you decide to work with partners so you may hire a partner manager and give the partners the opportunity to hire based on their expanded portfolio. By growing within the EU you don’t have to worry about export regulations, export fees and other cost involved. This will provide you with a strategic stepping stone to actually do real export in the future and expand into other non EU countries and other continents.

Zero Budget Expansion

If you want to do everything yourself, you can. We provide enough free material and information events that should allow you to create your own alternative expansion strategy. Digital Sunrise Europe is a none profit organization and we are here to enable you and inspire you to grow. The reason we offer the starter kits is for those who don’t want to go through a period of experimentation and instead go forward quickly with a team of experienced people avoiding any potential risks and mistakes.

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