Strategist Education Program

We want you to have a top notch social media education

To fulfill our own high expectations and ensure that the business teams we help and possibly consult with are showing considerable success, we want to make sure that our top consultants in each country have the best possible education.

Social Media Strategist Education

We even finance 60% of your education

The Digital Agenda Europe organization and thanks to its sponsors is covering up to 60% of the cost for the Social Media Strategist education. That means your “skin in the game” is only Euro 998. The only obligation you are going to have is to work with the DSEU teams on projects. We will then keep 7% of the revenue you are generating from DSEU projects from the first 3 years as a way to pay back the difference. But other than that you have no obligations.

How to get the education finance?

1) You complete the free Entrants Exam

2) You request a promotion key from Marita Roebkes

3) You Register for the class and enter the promotion key

You will be joining the class starting October 4, 2012


If you are an expert – why another training?

If you already have a few years social media experience you still want to be even with the team and the methods, processes, strategy frameworks we are using. When we do a social media assessment for a client we use the four quadrant assessment model and you need to know it and how to apply it. We are using a strategy model called Strategy Hexagon and also here we need every team mate to know how to build one. We use a total of eight well defined and proven methods and you need to know them all. We want the entire team leverage the same methods, models and frameworks and providing a homogeneous quality across Europe. And last but not least we want every consultant and strategist being able to seamlessly collaborate with each, exactly knowing what to do and when to do it.

Additional benefits

There are several benefits of the education you may want to know

  • Having a very methodical approach allows you to complete jobs much faster
  • Following best practices processes reduces the risks of mistakes
  • A crystal clear strategy model keeps you think strategic
  • A well designed method (like ours) provides a structure, yet freedom for limitless creativity
  • With a complete thought out process your clients know what  you do, when you do it and how much you do  – no negative surprises
  • With a complete set of methods it is much easier to calculate your cost and pricing for the client

Joining the Social Business Consulting Group

Being a Certified Social Media Strategist and familiar with the strategy model and all the methods and processes, you are entitled to join the Social Business Consulting Group. The Sobizco Group is one of the sponsors and actively engaged in the social media program delivery.

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