How are we organized?

The DSEU team is assembled from some of the most extraordinary business people, manager and social media specialists and are first and foremost volunteers. However, for the full disclosure and the interest of maximum transparency, most of the team are very social media savvy people and also run social media or social media related businesses and have an additional motivation to help. Depending on possible commitment and individual situations, we built a three tier organization structure with next to no overhead.

1) Project Contributor

If you have a busy life but still want to sporadically contribute, help here and there and may make some important introductions but can’t really commit to a project, we still love to have you join us as a contributor. There is a lot you can do – maybe more than you think. There is no pressure, no commitment, and nobody will be disappointed if you only rarely be part of it. We are always thankful for additional resources. Please join.

2) Country Teams

We are trying to have a good size country team in each of the 27 EU member countries. Right now we have teams for France, Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Sweden and the UK. Each team conducts a thorough Social Media Assessment and then aligns the overall strategy with the country and culture they work in. The program team helps develop programs for all over Europe.  Also country teams are independent volunteers. We are still looking for social media strategists as country leader. Please join. If you like to join a country team, please get directly in touch with the respective team lead, just click on their name.

  1. Austria | Roger Koplenig
  2. France | Pierre Miceli
  3. Germany | Andrew Maher
  4. Netherlands | Cees Grootes
  5. Hungary  | Attila Herczeg
  6. Italy | Marco Fabbri
  7. Malta | Irene Kimmel
  8. Romania | TBD
  9. Sweden | Mette Rehnstrom
  10. Spain | Josep Claret
  11. United Kingdome | William Steward

3) Strategy Team

The strategy team consists of a small team of currently 30 people who worked on the overall strategy and now on programs development. The strategy team is constituted by the founding members of the initiative and at least one social media strategist from each country.

Cross Country Program Task Force

As a result from the strategy we developed 10 strategic programs helping execute the strategy and ensuring the success of the initiative.
The task force members are from any of the above groups. If you like to join any of the task force teams, please get directly in touch with the team leader. Just click on their name.

  1. Awareness program | Berrie Pelser / Olaf Kracht
  2. Social Media Monitoring Program | Marita Roebkes
  3. Team & country recruitment program | Jorgen Poulson
  4. Sponsor recruiting program |  Axel Schultze
  5. Expert recruiting program  | William Steward
  6. Public sector recruiting program | Cees Grootes
  7. Business recruiting program  | Florian Gottschall, Michele Cimmino
  8. Guidance & Documentation program  | Detlev Artelt
  9. Service delivery program & Starter Pack  | Axel Schultze
  10. Business reward platform & program  | Attila Herczeg


Cross Country Services Team

Any soon we will recruit a cross country services team that will be able to provide social media services from wherever they are across Europe for the companies we support. Services may include hosting services, Facebook page creation, Apps development, social media monitoring and more. The service team members are required to speak at least English plus an additional European language and have to prove that they are Social Media savvy. We will start taking applications in August 2012. If you like to join, here are more details.


Administration & Management

There is no steering committee, no management levels, no administration. The project was initiated by Axel Schultze who assembled a team of 30 highly skilled mangers and social media strategists. Each and every member is autonomous and we believe a zero overhead structure creates maximum creativity and maximum engagement. We gravitate around engagement levels and responsibilities that are taken by the team for tasks that we realized as important. You can speak to each and every of the team members – they don’t need an approval to speak and we may have slightly different ways of explaining things or different opinions but we are all committed to one overarching objective.

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