The Digital Agenda EU Project

This project is to help the EU Commission and the EU in general to help business leaders within the EU to understand, adopt and leverage Social Media with the intention to more successfully grow their respective businesses.

Enabling 25,000 medium size businesses and innovative start-ups across Europe to leverage social media to create a sustainable growth, additional jobs and an becoming a poster child for other businesses in Social Media adoption by the end of 2016 – We will further fine tune this objective on our workshop at the EU meeting in Brussels.

We conduct and complete a social media assessment right before the Meeting in Brussels June 21. I trust we can find approximately 50 skilled people to help conduct the assessment.

We present the assessment and formulate the core aspects of the strategy during the meeting in Brussels in June. We then go and complete the Strategy by end of August 2012 using online collaboration mechanisms. This will take approximately 20 – 30 people with representation from various EU countries.

Once the strategy itself is defined and ratified, we all will encourage as many people as we can to help execute the strategy over the course of the coming three years.

All the above is based on voluntary engagement. The economic motive for investing time might be two fold: a) we all want to make Europe an economically more stable and wealthier place and b) contributor to this project may be able to individually help businesses as consultant to adopt and successfully implement a social media strategy for their own benefit.

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