Three Tier Engagement Model

While we keep you updated with progress of the project, we also share the techniques and methods we are using to actually be able to manage such a project.

In order to manage this kind of  ‘mega projects’  we created a three tier engagement model that should help all of us engage, be able to work with extreme team sizes and still professionally and timely execute.

1) Strategy Group

A highly engaged and focused team for assessment and strategy development. The team are mostly certified social media strategists or highly experienced social media consultants. The current group is 34 people and we will selectively add more in the future. This group won’t be much more than 100. To join this group, please help us understand your skill set and share it with us in 10 answers :)

2) Program Group

This is a top notch group of  “friends, fans and family” where we know we get support if we need to without expecting any firm commitment from everybody. This group should be large enough so that even small support once in a while makes quite some impact. This is mostly about: spreading the word or providing some feedback, contribute to some research etc. We have a dedicated group on Facebook to collaborate. This group may be several hundred people over time.

3) Support Group

An even larger group of people who provide sporadic support mostly by helping spread the word and making introductions. Best way to follow the project for this group is by tracking our Facebook page:  as well as all the other sites the whole organization is present on. This group will become several thousand strong.
We will build a “Wall of fame” for everybody contributing on the respective level for everybody else to see. We will honor even the smallest contribution to encourage people to get off their couch and become part of the creation of digital Europe. :)

If you feel highly skilled in Social Media project consulting and have at least 4-8 hours per week to volunteer in the project, please help us get to know you from a professional point of view and answer 10 questions in a qualification survey:


Please feel free to connect with any of the core team or any of the people in the Digital Agenda Europe group.

Please use hash tag #da12social when you share this :)

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