Innovation, disruption, digitization, globalization – hall have strong ties with each other. MODERNIZATION is an old, yet probably great term to sum it up: 80%+ of even the most modern looking companies are actually pretty old from the inside.


Please ask your self the following questions:

  1. Are you perfectly innovative?
  2. Do you have the soon to come decision maker generation in your management bench today?
  3. Do you fully integrate your customers in all market related decisions?
  4. Did you make ground braking innovation in the past 5 years that changed the way your industry conducts business?
  5. Is your product or service success truly global? In particular in Asia and Africa?

If only one of these questions lead to a “Well, yes but obviously we could do more…” you are at risk that a startup that is already founded today will eat your lunch tomorrow, without you even knowing.