99.9%+ of executives in any level of any enterprise have no answer the today’s most critical question: “What is the business process to create an grond breaking innovation and bring it successfully to a global market?” And there is little to know expertise yet, where they could look at.

It’s not your competitor or the next fast growing startup that get’s your top level management in trouble. It’s the inability to innovate and lead. Most C-level executives are not leader but executor of the direction of their board. And most board members have no “experiences” that can help bring innovation forward.

The Innovations Paradigm

Top executives need to lead their enterprises in to a world where innovation is the new normal. It’s no longer about a ground breaking innovation that leads us for 100 years into a growing global market. Today it is about an innovation continuum, where we continuously innovate based on the discoveries of a 2 to 10 years cycle.

Even a monopoly can be cracked by ground breaking innovation. Today we have an estimated million key products and services that should and will be radically disrupted. Even the computer this blog is created on and the tools the blog is written with is about 20+ years old. The Monopoly of a few companies made it possible to radically block innovation. But whoever cracks this consortium will win, yet also may create 2 million unemployed people.

World Innovations Forum Foundation

The Society3 Group developed a set of methods and is creating a series of tools to help executives and their teams to be far more innovative and maintain a continuum of innovation.